Licensed Mental Health Counseling

Every person deserves a fair treatment in the criminal justice system, that includes a mental health assessment, or court report if necessary.  If you, or your client, has mental health issues but can not afford the typical costs of an assessment, please have your attorney contact me or reach out yourself. Knighton Mental Health Services can provide options in cases of financial hardship. 

I am a member​ of several top professional Forensic Mental Health organizations including:

​Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA); Clinical Member

International Association of Forensic Mental Health Services

National Anger Management Association; Certified Anger Management Specialist

I have collaborated with and provided training to:

Brooklyn Family Court

​Queens County Probation and Parole

Riker's Island

​Westchester County Corrections (Valhalla Jail)

Westchester County Police Academy

Rockland County, NY

Orange Country, NY

​Department of Justice, Western Australia 

Knighton Mental Health Services provides a a full range of options for people involved in the criminal justice system, assistance to criminal attorneys, trial attorneys, probation and parole offices as well as others in the legal profession.   With over 20 years of experience in Forensic Mental Health both in the United States & Internationally you can be confident working with Knighton Mental Health Services. 

KMHS provides:

Assessments & Intakes

Psychological Testing

Psychosocial Court Reports

Family Court Reports

Mitigation Services

Sex Offender Evaluations & Treatment

​Anger Management (Court recognized)

Voluntary and Mandated Counseling

Experienced AOT therapist

Civil Litigation & Trial Consulting

Trainings for your staff