Knighton Mental Health Services:

Therapy made flexible for your busy life. Because nothing is more important than your mental health.

Licensed Mental Health Counseling

​Therapy that fits your busy lifestyle. 

​"Therapy that fits your busy lifestyle." ahh, my headline pre-pandemic when people were traveling, visiting family, out and about!  Back when I was able to see clients in my NYC offices (Midtown Manhattan and Brooklyn) and offered virtual therapy as a complement to in-person sessions if you were traveling for work or pleasure or if you were sick at home due to illness.  Things have changed! Covid-19 has not only greatly impacted the world but the way we live our lives on a daily basis. But we still have busy lifestyles.Many of us are working from home and keeping outside contact to a minimum. Balancing work, home life (which often overlap now), the anxiety and depression of our new circumstances.  Knighton Mental Health has changed too. I am now 100% online, providing virtual Telehealth through a secure, encrypted platform. You now receive same quality services from the comfort of your home!  Eventually, things will get back to a new normal,  KMHS will adapt to that change and provide services in a way that recognizes your comfort level.